taskopruzade_afisInternational Tashkubrīzādah Symposium, which will be organized in November 18-20, 2016 by Scientific Studies Association (ILEM), Istanbul Medeniyet Univeristy and the Foundation for Science, the Arts, History and Literature (ISTEV), aims to introduce a sixteenth century scholar, Abū al-Khayr ʿIsām al-dīn Aḥmad Tashkubrīzādah, one of the most important figures in Ottoman intellectual tradition, to local and international scientific milieus, as well as to discuss his contribution to Islamic philosophy-science tradition.

Although Tashkubrīzādah is the author of nearly two hundred works from a variety of topics including philosophy, politics, kalām, mathematics, astronomy, fiqh, linguistics, Sufism, tafsīr, the classification of sciences, and history, with a few exceptions, they are yet to be edited, thereby unknown in the scholarly milieu. For almost three years, some of Tashkubrīzādah’s ouevre have been edited and translated into Turkish by more than twenty scholars. This symposium, which will be a fruit of this three-year-preparation, aims to unfold Tashkubrīzādah’s world of thought on the basis of his works prepared for publication, as well as to shed light on Ottoman world of thought in the sixteenth century with reference to him. The publication of Tashkubrīzādah’s almost thirthy works before the symposium, as well as with the outcomes of the symposium will make a substantial contribution to studies on Islamic philosophy after Ibn Sīnā, and on Ottoman thought.

The organizing commitee invites scholars to participate in the symposium with their papers, thereby to contribute to studies on Tashkubrīzādah.